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A free art show paid for entirely by the collab. The artist will be able to display their pieces throughout the building. The show will be catered and bartended at no cost to the artist, and friends of the collab will be invited to come, appreciate the art, and have the opportunity to make a purchase.


The Collab recognizes that unfortunately, emerging artists are among the most exploited demographic in the professional world. For this reason, the Collab's creator of the quarter will be given a pro bono LLC from Starlett Massey, as well as complimentary business guidance if they so choose.


The artist will be entitled to 100% of the profits made from the selling of their art. The Collab will not take any cut. Our goal is to support emerging artists and give them a space to display and sell their work.


Artists will have to privately insure their art. Artists will also have to sign a waiver stating that the Collab is not responsible for any damages that may occur while the creator's artwork is on display.


Artists will be chosen to be creator of the quarter after review from our panel. You can read about the members of our panel here.


Our next Creator of the Quarter application deadline is September 30th, 2022. 

Applications will be reviewed and the winner will be notified during the first week of October. 

If you believe that you meet all of our criteria, and would like to be considered for our creator of the quarter please submit an online application below.

Creator of the Quarter: List
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